Without diesel, oil and electricity, Sao Tome has stopped

Everyday life in Sao Tome and Principe is being seriously affected by the fuel crisis.

A fuel shortage is seriously affecting everyday life in Sao Tome and Principe.

Endless queues at gas stations, blackouts, and people who can't cook because there is no oil. This is the scenario that the people of Sao Tome have been facing since Sunday, and according to news site Téla Nón, it is not expected to improve before Saturday morning.

The country, which is supplied by ENCO (a subsidiary of Angolan oil company Sonangol) is experiencing an oil stock crisis.

An ENCO source told Téla Nón that the situation should be resolved on Saturday morning with the arrival of a ship from Angola that will replenish the ENCO storage center in the city of Neves.

According to the same source, the shortage is due to the fact that Angola is also facing internal supply problems.

In addition to the gas stations, people have also run out of petroleum used for cooking. The blackouts, on the other hand, are due to the fact that most of the energy produced by the country's electricity company (EMAE) comes from thermal plants that need diesel to work.