Venezuelans would have a better chance if they had weapons

Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) said Thursday that the population of Venezuela is unprotected because of a campaign of disarmament in the country in 2012.

According to Eduardo Bolsonaro, Venezuelans would have a better chance to defend themselves against Maduro's regime if they could have weapons. "I would rather the disarmament had not happened because then people would have a chance to survive. Today they are massacred. In every demonstration they have, someone from a group passes, shoots some shots, intimidates people not to go out on the streets, so they stay at home and show less strength against Maduro. It's a terrorist strategy," he said.

According to him, countries that promoted disarmament campaigns were seized by dictatorships afterwards, or are under dictatorships that disarmed the population. "A democratic country should not be concerned that its population is armed. This concern has to be towards the armed bandits and the disarmament did not help that at all," he commented.

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