Uganda creates popular militias to lower crime

The Ugandan government, in an attempt to lower crime rates in Kampala, decided to support the creation of popular militias that will have the task of patrolling some of the capital's suburbs.

Comprised in the first phase of about 6,000 members, the militias have received special training to help the forces of the order of which they are institutionally dependent and to whom they will have to surrender the people they may eventually detain.

However, the creation of these militias is raising more concerns than enthusiasm, since this is not the first time that President Yoweri Museveni has resorted to elements of the population to help in the fight against crime.

The last time that popular militias were created, about two years ago, there were several reports of abuse of authority and the weapons that were handed over to them were used for various criminal acts. As if that wasn't enough, the police had added difficulties to recover these weapons.

The recruitment to be part of the popular militias is simple, those interested only need to go through some medical examinations and present their criminal record certificate, besides being aged between 18 and 35 years.

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