The story of the Brazilian national deported from the United States who does not speak Portuguese

Paul Fernando Schreiner never become a naturalized citizen of the US, although he lived in Nebraska for 30 years

Adopted at the age of 5 by an American couple, Paul Fernando Schreiner says he can not wait to return to Nebraska.

About a year after living in Niteroi, from where he sees Guanabara Bay and Rio de Janeiro, north-American Paul Fernando Schreiner can not wait to return to the state of Nebraska, where he lived for approximately 30 years, with his adoptive parents. "If I tell you about my routine, both you and me would die of boredom," he says. Shopping trips are frequent. "The wi-fi signal is better here than in the apartment," he says, besides going to the gym, the only habit he managed to keep after being deported from the US to Brazil in June, 2018.

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