The family of the victims paid for pedophile"s homicide

The investigation into the violent death of a pedophile in Italy found that he was murdered by two suspects paid by the family of two raped girls. One of the victims eventually committed suicide in 2008.

Giuseppe Matarazzo, a 45-year-old priest, was killed on July 19, 2018 in Frasso Telesino, on the outskirts of Naples, about a month after he was released from prison, where he served 11 years and six months for the sexual abuse of two sisters. The case of pedophilia caused great consternation in the region, even because one of the victims ended up committing suicide at the age of 16.

Now the prosecutors have announced that they believe that the murder of Matarazzo was ordered by someone "from the family" of the victims. Two men, the alleged perpetrators of the crime, were detained at the end of December, but it was not yet possible to get to the one (or the ones) who ordered the murder.

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