Teachers give advance notice for a strike that only ends in March

The three teachers' unions in Guinea-Bissau issued, today, a strike warning for a strike that begins on Thursday and ends on March 7.

The three unions continue to demand the payment of outstanding remuneration to hired teachers that are ten months late, according to a spokesman for the three unions.

In early January, the three unions signed a memorandum of understanding with the government, in the presence of the civil society, parents' associations and Guinean President José Mário Vaz.

The unions then agreed to wait for the application of the Career Statutes for Teaching, which were still in the process of being published in the Official Gazette, and for salaries regularization. Guinean teachers went on strike between October and early January, leading thousands of students to miss the first term of the school year.

On Thursday, teachers threatened to go on strike again, a strike that is now confirmed and that resulted in a student demonstration that culminated in riots and acts of vandalism that the police, the government and the civil society consider to have been made by infiltrators, since elections will be held in a month.