Taxi association denies accusations regarding deviation of funds

The head of Angola's Taxi association ANATA, Geraldo Wanga, on Friday denied accusations regarding the diversion of funds, saying they were "false" and had come from "inactive members" who wanted to "illegally" control the association.

Geraldo Wanga told Lusa that the accusations would be different if they were not made by members who left the association in 2016 and 2017 because of an alleged lack of money.

On Thursday, ANATA announced the dismissal of its president, accusing him of having skimmed over 30 million kwanzas (€83,000) as well as of "breach of statutes" and "antidemocratic and conflictive management."

Rodrigo Luciano Catimba, member of the commission of ANATA's managing board, said the members of the association's general assembly had proof of diversion of funds and that the case could result in a criminal complaint.

However, Wanga on Friday denied the accusations and said the association he manages was non-profit.