Premium Super fungus spreads and puts health authorities on high alert

Candida Auris has already caused outbreaks in hospitals in several countries, including Spain. There are still no confirmed cases in Portugal.

First identified in 2009 in Japan, it has been spreading silently throughout the world. It is not a super bug, but a super fungus, which goes by the name of Candida Auris and that is putting health authorities on high alert. Highly resistant to existing treatments and rapidly contagious, Candida Auris has already caused outbreaks in several countries and is concerning due to its virulence: about half of infected patients die.

From the United States to Asia and Europe, there are confirmed cases in over 30 countries. In Spain, in April of 2016, an outbreak in a Valencia hospital affected 409 patients, of whom 87 developed an infection. About 40% died, but the hospital says it is not possible to establish a direct relationship, as they suffered from a number of serious pathologies. For the time being, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are the exceptions in Western Europe, according to the latest report issued by the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), on 30 April. But for how long?

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