SP City Hall puts symbol of homo-affective couples at pedestrian traffic lights

CET is responsible for the preparation and installation of the pictograms

The change occurred in six intersections of Paulista Avenue, which this Sunday receives the 23rd LGBT Pride Parade.

The City of São Paulo changed the pedestrian traffic lights of Avenida Paulista in "support for diversity and respect for the LGBT public": instead of the pedestrian symbol walking or standing, there are now dummies representing homo-affective couples. The change took place at six intersections of the avenue, which this Sunday, 23, receives the 23rd LGBT Pride Parade.

The initiative is run by the City Hall and the Department of Mobility and Transportation, through the Traffic Engineering Company (CET), responsible for making and installing the pictograms. The administration said that at dawn from Sunday to Monday, traffic lights will return to the standard images.

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