Savimbi's mortal remains to be exhumed without state honors.

The announcement was made by the Minister of State and Head of the Presidential Security House Pedro Sebastião.

The same leader said that it will not be an official funeral because the former UNITA president did not belong to the "government's family" when he died on February 22, 2002.

Pedro Sebastião argued that analysts should not make comparisons with the state funeral given to General Arlindo Chenda Pena 'Ben-Ben', former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

UNITA Vice President Raul Danda reacted tonight on TV Zimbo, saying that his party "did not request a funeral with state honors" and demanded only the delivery of Savimbi's mortal remains to the family.

Danda said that UNITA and Jonas Savimbi's family agree on the way they want to bury the former leader and reasserted the intention to hold the funeral in Savimbi's home town before the party's congress this year.

The Multisectoral Committee for the Exhumation, Transfer and Burial of Jonas Savimbi's Mortal Remains had scheduled the funeral of the former UNITA leader for December 20, 2018, but this did not happen.

The delay is due to the fact that UNITA demands that samples of the remains be submitted to DNA tests in three laboratories outside Angola in order to ascertain that the bones belong to the party founder.