Reinforced security alert for citizens traveling to Hong Kong

epa07760504 Anti-extradition protesters use laser pointers for 'star gazing' outside the Hong Kong Space Museum in support of an arrested student leader in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China, 07 August 2019. On 06 August plainclothes police officers arrested Baptist University Student Union president Keith Fong on suspicion of possessing offensive weapons after finding 10 laser pointers in his bag. Fong claimed the laser pointers were for star-gazing. The laser pointers are regularly seen being aimed at officers during clashes and stand-offs with protesters. EPA / JEROME FAVRE

US Government reinforced security alert for Americans traveling to Hong Kong due to increasingly violent protests

The US State Department calls for "greater caution in Hong Kong due to civil unrest" and urges travelers to avoid demonstrations and "to exercise caution if they unexpectedly find themselves in the vicinity of major protests."

Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Japan have already issued travel alerts for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been in a climate of social contestation for about two months triggered by a proposal to amend the extradition law, which would allow the Government and the courts of the Special Administrative Region to extradite suspected criminals to jurisdictions without prior agreements, such as this is the case of mainland China.

Meanwhile, the proposal was suspended, but demonstrations have become generalized and now denounce what protesters claim to be an "erosion of freedoms" in the former British colony.