Official who solved Marielle's death and quoted Bolsonaro will be removed

Ginilton Lages revealed that the daughter of one of the detainees dated a son of the president of Brazil

Official Giniton Lages, the chief of the homicide department of the police station in Brasilia and responsible for investigating the death of councilwoman Marielle Franco, will leave his leadership position in the coming weeks, according to some Brazilian press. This decision comes a few hours after he had, apparently, solved the death of Marielle, with the arrest of two former military police officers, and after quoting President jair Bolsonaro and his family, who have a house in the same gated community where one of the suspects lived.

According to the local press, the official version of his removal will be that Ginilton Lages has accomplished his mission, but the general press also says that the real reason is due to his words about the Bolsonaro family, namely when he revealed that the daughter of one of the detainees dated one of the sons of president jair Bolsonaro.

Another reason given for his removal from office, according to civil police sources, was that he did not pass information on the case to his superiors.