Network applied industrial silicone to transsexuals

Parade of the 13th March of LGBT+ Pride (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual), which took place in Oporto, starting in Praça da República, Porto, July 7, 2018. RUI FARINHA / LUSA

The substance, used to lubricate machines and engines, can lead to death. Victims were enticed by the trafficking network with the promise of beauty contests in Italy

The Brazillian Federal Police (PF) began, on Thursday morning, Operation "Fada Madrinha" that led to the end of a people trafficking ring that applied industrial silicone to transsexuals with the false promise that they would participate in beauty contests in Italy. The "most beautiful and promising" victims were then sent to that country, where they incur debts with the network members, hoping to participate in the beauty contests. Later, transsexuals ended up being enslaved and sexually exploited by the criminals.

PF's investigation began in 2017, after reports that transsexuals were being deceived through social networks with the promise of facial and bodily enhancement surgeries and participation in beauty contests in Italy, Agência Brasil reported.

The group operated in Franca (SP) and, throughout the investigations, the Federal Police discovered a similar scheme in Goiás and Minas Gerais. According to the statement released by Agência Brasil, police agents also found a "commercial partnership among the investigated, through exchange of victims."

Operation "Fada Madrinha" required the participation of 52 federal policemen who enforced five pre-trial detention warrants of arrest and eight search and seizure orders sent by the 2nd Federal Court of Franca, in the cities of São Paulo, Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiânia, Jataí, Rio Verde and Leopoldina, as well as Franca.

The defendants are indicted for crimes of international human trafficking, slavery, criminal association and illegal medical practice.