Minister says family relations are a weapon against drugs

Minister Faustina de Almeida Alves

The Minister of Social Action, Family and the Promotion of Women said today that good family relations are a weapon in the fight against drugs, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and early marriage

Faustina Alves' statements were made on the sidelines of the 22nd National Family Council meeting, which kicked off earlier today in Dondo (Cuanza Norte), a town that also hosted the country's main event for International Family Day, which took place this morning under the motto 'The moralization of society begins in the family'.
Alves urged Angolan families to educate and teach their children correctly in order to build a healthy society where everyone can live in harmony.

"If we invest in these practices, we won't need to punish sex offenders and other criminals in the future, nor to spend money on campaigns against the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, domestic violence, people who fail to acknowledge their paternity and maternity, and other practices that destabilize society," the minister said.

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