Michel Temer released from São Paulo prison

Temer leaving the Riot Police Headquarters, where he was detained

The former president, who had been detained since Thursday (May 9), was released following an STJ ruling.

Former Brazilian president Michel Temer has left the Riot Police headquarters in Luz (São Paulo), where he had been detained since Monday afternoon. He left the building around 1.30 pm, accompanied by his lawyer Eduardo Carnelós, and with the release permit issued by Judge Caroline Figueiredo (from the 7th Federal Criminal Court of Rio).

Temer turned himself to the Federal Police on Thursday - one day after two out of three judges of the Second Region's Federal Court (TRF-2) ordered his pre-trial detention as part of Operation Decontamination (an offshoot of Operation Carwash), which accuses the former president of being the leader of a criminal organization that has allegedly embezzled R$1.8 billion in public funds over the past 30 years.

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