Marlboro to stop cigarette production

Altria hopes pot is the key to help it grow beyond its stagnant cigarette business.

Decision of Philip Morris International, owner of the tobacco company

The owner of Marlboro, Philip Morris International, plans to end cigarette production. There is no date set as of yet, but according to information coming from the United States, the decision is made, as the company is increasingly inclined to continue investing in smoke-free products.

The idea will be to continue to invest in heated or electronic tobacco, according to sources. "It will not have smoke, but it will have the flavor and nicotine that satisfies every smoker," some Marlboro sources told the US press.

The company is already paying advertising in several newspapers as a means of communicating to the public that it will stop producing and marketing the usual cigarettes. "Our New Year's resolution. We are trying to give up cigarettes," a few phrases in this new campaign read.