Lula to spend Christmas alone in prison and without special supper

Former President Lula da Silva has been in jail in Curitiba since April 7, 2018

Former Brazilian president to spend Christmas in jail without privileges

Lula da Silva, who has been serving a prison sentence since April for crimes of corruption, will not receive visits from relatives because they are not authorized on holidays. Nor will he have a Christmas supper. According to O Globo, "tomorrow's supper will not be different from the usual menu, with rice, beans, salad and some kind of meat. Non-perishable foods such as chocolate and dried fruit can be added to the menu, taken by visitors."

But PT supporters say that Lula will not be alone. The former president's supporters are in Curitiba for a vigil outside the prison where Lula is detained.

"We are gathering a big crowd for Christmas preparations. We will celebrate and share Christmas and New Year's Eve with Lula and the Brazilian people. It will be the Brazilian people sharing with Lula, and Lula sharing with the Brazilian people," says Roberto Baggio, one of the coordinators of the Free Lula Vigil.

Christmas Eve will be marked by several activities. Lula's supporters are preparing Christmas carols, cultural activities, an interreligious ceremony, and a Christmas supper. Florisvaldo de Souza, another vigil coordinator, said that supporters will also provide the former president with traditional morning, afternoon and evening greetings on December 24.