Judge-president reports harassment against attorneys

The presiding judge of Malanje, Félix Sebastião.

The presiding judge of the Provincial Court of Malanje has reported signs of harassment against some magistrates from the PM who investigate corruption, nepotism and influence traffic.

The most recent case, according to Judge President Félix Sebastião, occurred 8 days ago. It involved the robbery of an attorney's residence. The robbers took documents, mobile phones and a laptop.

Félix Sebastião, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Fourth Meeting of the Provincial Judicial Coordination Commission, said that the harassment may be perpetrated by people suspected of being under investigation in cases of, mainly, corruption.
So they "try at all costs, to erase the evidence," he said. Faced with this, and taking into account that the magistrates remain deprived of personal security, the judge warned about the threat to life that the magistrates face.

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