Ismailists finance projects in Portuguese-speaking African countries, with 4,6 Million Euros.

The symbol marks the Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of Aga Khan at the head of the Ismaili community

Eight African countries will receive, during three years, a funding for 16 projects of scientific research and technological development.

The projects, developed in eight African countries, including Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe, are designed to encourage and strengthen scientific, technical, human and social skills in Africa. They were selected from 73 applications submitted to the first competition held under the protocol between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education and Imamat Ismaili, in 2016.

The selected projects, which result from existing initiatives and ongoing collaborations between Portuguese and African scientific and academic institutions, are aimed at increasing the Quality of Life program, which started in 2017, in Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) and in Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria.

Thematic areas are divided into health, technological and engineering sciences, exact sciences, humanities, social and natural sciences, and its implementation is being followed by a scientific panel, chaired by António Rendas from the New University of Lisbon.

On Thursday, July 12, the 16 projects will be presented at the Ismaili Center, in Lisbon, during the Jubilee of Prince Aga Khan.