How London foiled an unprecedented fraud against the BNA

The Wall Street Journal revealed "how a warning from a London bank thwarted what could have been one of the biggest bank heists ever."

With a news story titled 'The $500 Million Central Bank Heist-and How It Was Foiled', the prestigious New York newspaper says it all began when a professional accountant walked up to a suburban London branch of HSBC Holdings and asked to transfer $2 million to Japan. After asking the accountant several questions, the teller told him she couldn't make the transaction and filed a report to her superiors

The British bank quickly found out where the money had come from: three weeks earlier, in mid-August of 2017, BNA officials had sent $500 million of the country's reserves to a company belonging to a modest accountant whose office was located between a cafe and barbershop in London's suburbs.

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