HIV patients in Guinea Bissau without antiretroviral drugs for over three months

Bissau, 14/06/2018 - Guiné Bissau. Bissau, mercados de rua, vendedoras de frutos e legumes. (Leonardo Negrão / Global Imagens)

The head of the national network of the associations of people with HIV in Guinea-Bissau, Maria Machado, on Friday said that there has been a lack of antiretroviral drugs for the people infected for almost four months.

Machado has accused the prime minister, who is the president of the national committee for the fight against the disease, of a lack of response to requests to seek a solution to the lack of medication in the country.

"We sent a letter to the prime minister over a month ago," Machado said, who leads a network of 15 associations of people infected with HIV and their relatives.

The network wants to speak with Aristides Gomes to urge him to take steps with the government to pay the transport of antiretroviral drugs that Brazil offered to the country and does not intend to fund, Machado said, stressing that the decision "makes sense."

Part of this medicine provided by Brazil should already be in the country, with the transport guaranteed by the association of honorary consuls of Guinea-Bissau, Machado said, who wants, however, to see "a serious and determined effort" of the authorities in combating and preventing HIV in the country.

"On the day the World Fund stops helping us, maybe all the people affected by this disease will die," Machado noted, promising "tough measures" if the situation is not resolved in the next few days.