Graffiti with Bolsonaro kissing Trump erased in Ceará.

The graffiti with Jair Bolsonaro kissing Donald Trump in Ceará, created by Yuri Souza (also known as Bad Boy Preto), which was erased

The Brazilian President-elect shares a lot of ideas with US President Donal Trump

The graffiti made by Yuri Sousa, 21, didn't last 48 hours. Drawn on November 25, the graffiti wasn't exactly discreet: Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro was depicted kissing US President Donald Trump. Someone didn't like it and painted it over with blue paint, destroying a work that took almost nine hours to complete.

"I think I know who might have done this," said Sousa, who is known in the Ceará art scene as Bad Boy Preto. The wall was located on a street where there is other graffiti, in Jereissati 1, Maracanaú, Greater Fortaleza.

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