Game obsession abandonment of parents and bullying, marked the life of the shooter

Row of people outside a pavilion, where the bodies of some of the victims of the Raul Brasil school attack are found.

Guilherme Taucci and Luiz Henrique de Castro grew up on the same street and were always together.

Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25, are shown by the TV apparel in a room with unfinished walls, which reads: "Assassins killed eight at Suzano's school ".

In front of the canvas, Tatiana Taucci, 35, rubs her hands, shaken, before bringing them to her face. "How can my son be called a murderer, my God? That is shocking, " she laments. Seconds later, she herself concludes: "But what are they going to call him if he killed all these people in school?".

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