Five more of Macau's schools blended with Portuguese ones

Five more of Macau's schools will be blended with Portuguese secondary schools. This is the information revealed by the director of Education and Youth Services. The blending project involves, the Macau, Hou Kong School, Green Island School, Residents' School, Gonzaga Gomes School and São José's College.

These teaching institutions have blending projects with the Carlos Amarante Secondary School (Braga), the Augusto Gomes Secondary School (Matosinhos), the Oliveira Júnior High School (São João da Madeira), the Eng. Calazans Duarte Secondary School (Marinha Grande), and D. Duarte Secondary School (Coimbra).

The director of the DSEJ said that there are already two Macau schools blended with its Portuguese counterparts.

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