Family digs on their own to try to find body in Brumadinho

SÔnia Monteiro in an area covered by mud

The family members of farmer Paulo Giovani dos Santos started digging on their own, three days after the rupture of the Vale dam, a site in the rural area of Brumadinho (MF) looking for the body of one of the victims of the disaster on Friday (28th)

The place where Santos lived, located about 3 km from the urban center of Córrego do Feijão, a rural district of Brumadinho (MG), was devastated by the muds.

Old pictures show an untouched corner of nature with a swimming pool, a large house and a bush so thick that you could not see the Vale mine operation yard on the other side, about a mile away.

Santos raised pigs and grew a vegetable garden.

After the mine's own machinery yard, Santos' house was the first construction to be struck by the mud on Friday (25).

Today, the place has become a pile of mud, clay and tailings from the Vale mine.

The forest was devastated, and in its place a small valley of mud appeared.

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