Duarte Xavier's name on Tinder was Ana and, despite the beard, he seduced 4 men

Duarte Xavier was detained until he was sentenced

A 34-year-old man from Madeira, impersonated a woman on the Internet and seduced other man into blindfolded dates. He was convicted in England

Duarte Xavier is a 34-year-old bearded, bald man, and lives in England, being native from Madeira island. These are the real traits of the man being tried in London for impersonating a woman in the Tinder social network to seduce men and have sex with them.His name was Ana, and by feigning a female voice, he prevented his Tinder friends from recognizing him as male. The meetings were arranged so that the victims had to be blindfolded and could not touch him. At least four men took the bait.

According to the British authorities, Xavier appeared on Tinder and other dating sites such as Craiglist or Lovoo as a woman and, after establishing contacts with potential victims, created a female voice on the phone and sent sexually explicit images. Then, he'd make a sex invitation at his apartment in Wandsworth, London.

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