Premium Cyclone Kenneth has caused at least one death and high damage in Northern Mozambique

Cyclone Kenneth has caused at least one death in the northern city of Pemba during last night due to the crash of a coconut tree overturned by the storm, said a source of the local civil protection to Lusa.

The information of another fatality due to the bad weather is yet to be confirmed in the village of Macomia - about 150 kilometers north, in the same province of Cabo Delgado - said another source, noting that the lack of energy and communications is making it difficult to take stock of the situation.

Preliminary information points to big damages in the region, with the destruction of precarious houses - driven by the strong wind and heavy rain -, and with families living in the open air in the Quirimbas archipelago, namely on the island of Ibo, and in the districts of Quissanga, Mucojo, close to the coast, and Macomia, a little further inland.

The damages may extend to other places, sources add, while they wait for the re-establishment of communications.

Cyclone Kenneth arrived in northern Mozambique, classified as category four, the second most severe, with continuous winds of 225 kilometers per hour and bursts of 270 kilometers per hour, announced today the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Although it has already lost strength, it continues to cause heavy rains in the region and there is a high risk of floods and landslides.

"Cyclone Kenneth may require a major humanitarian operation in parallel with the ongoing response to Cyclone Idai," stated the OCHA today.