Cyber Security Center does not consider Huawei to be a greater threat than others

The national digital security authority argues that measures should be taken to protect European citizens and businesses from potential threats posed by 5G networks. But it does not isolate companies or services as more threatening

The National Center for Cybersecurity, a national authority and supervisor for digital services, argues that, while legitimate, the reservations about the implementation of 5G networks by the Chinese company Huawei "are not unique to this technology or to this supplier". But it also considers that the implementation of the new generation of the Internet should be subject to rules similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) regarding the protection of the citizens of the European Union (EU).

"Fundamentally, it's about subjecting any service provider from outside the Union to a legal regime that protects the Union's data protection values and creates a digital border around the Union's space", said this authority in a response sent to DN.

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