Clashes in Paris: Radical protesters promise apocalyptic day

The French police have already detained over 160 demonstrators. Several 'radicals', known as 'black blocs', have joined the 'yellow vests' and the unionists in Paris

The French police have already used force and thrown tear gas at May Day demonstrators in Paris today. The presence of over 1,000 'radical' protesters dressed in black - the so-called 'black blocs' -, in addition to trade union members and 'yellow vests', makes May Day demonstrations in France high-risk events, with the 'radicals' promising 'a day of apocalypse' and security forces responding with tight surveillance.

The Montparnasse area witnessed the first clashes between police and demonstrators, right at the start of the Mayday rally. Traditionally organized by trade unions, this year's rally includes the so-called 'yellow vest' movement. The rally will march the streets of Paris from Montparnasse station to Place d'Italie, thus concentrating on the left bank of the Seine.

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