Cape Verdean authorities warn of risk of poisonous fish

The Cape Verdean Ministry of Maritime Economics informed today of the recent sighting of fish of the genus Lagocephalus, known as "toadfish", in the waters of Cape Verde and recalled that it is poisonous and its commercialization prohibited.

In a statement, this ministry informs of "several warnings for recent sightings in the waters of Cape Verde of fish of the genus Lagocephalus, family Tetraontidae, commonly known as 'toadfish', and by 'trintxante' in some localities."

"Although known by the fishermen for being a poisonous fish, the authorities are already alert to reinforce awareness and inspection measures," the statement continued.

The consumption of this fish is prohibited as well as its commercialization, since it is a very toxic species (the toxins concentrate mainly on the skin and in the liver).

This species moves in low depth, and can be sighted both on the high seas and near the coast, with the fish swimming in schools.