Bantu queen meets with African descendants in Rio

Diambi Kabatusuila, the queen of the Bantu ethnic group Bena Tshiyamba from Bakwa Indu, met today (March 11) with activists from the black, indigenous and Afro-Brazilian movement at an event in Rio de Janeiro.

The queen was crowned in 2016 and rules over a population living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During her tour of Brazil, which began on February 27, she has already visited Salvador and Belo Horizonte. Now the queen will also visit São Paulo.

"Brazilian culture has brought together the best of Europe, the best of Africa, and the best of the indigenous peoples, the owners of this land. And although this was not done in the right way, because there was a lot of violence and disrespect for the people who were living here and against all Africans who were forced to come, you managed to do something incredible," she said, adding that all ancestries in the country must be recognized, including by the education system. "Imagine teachers who teach the history of the African people and say how great we are. We are not only the creators of humanity, but also the founders of civilization," the queen said.

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