Angolan bank accounts were stolen in Portugal

Eight suspects used false identities to extract money from the bank accounts of Angolan citizens who do not live in Portugal. They were arrested by PJ

Seven men and a woman were detained by the Portuguese Judicial Police (PJ) for joining a network that had stolen tens of thousands of euros from the bank accounts of Angolan citizens who were not residents in Portugal. According to PJ, the group had been practicing fraud in the last three years. "The robbery of the bank accounts caused losses of tens of thousands of euros to the institutions where they are kept, which were forced to repay the amounts withdrawn."

In an operation called "Cara-a-Cara," the Judiciary Police detained eight suspects, aged 29-54, "because of strong indications of committing felonies and falsifying documents for fraudulent banking transactions."

The detainees, four of whom were already in temporary custody, used false identities to unduly cash money from Angolan bank accounts at Portuguese banks. The group acted at least since 2015, resorting to counterfeiting and falsification of documents to move the accounts while posing as their owners.

"The group selected and checked the bank accounts prior to the defrauding, thereby obtaining relevant information. Then, while in possession of this information they performed various types of banking operations, such as over-the-counter withdrawals or transfer orders to other bank accounts that they owned or controlled, presenting false documents with their photographs attached to create the conviction that they were the legitimate account holders of whom they had imitated the signatures," concluded the Judiciary Police.