Premium Angola builds hospital for the Armed Forces, spending 111 million euros

The Angolan government will invest 111 million euros in the construction of a new hospital complex for the Angolan Armed Forces, approved by an order of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, to which Lusa has had access today.

According to the presidential dispatch dated from January 8, the matter is the construction of the General Pedro Maria Tonha "Pedalé" Hospital Complex - whose location is not revealed in the document - and the "urgent need to guarantee the continuity of the works," in order to "improve medical care and care for patients at the level of the public health system."

Government sources contacted by Lusa explained that this is the new reference hospital for the Angolan Armed Forces, which will be built in Luanda and will be named after a historic Angolan fighter and former Minister of Defense of Angola, General "Pedalé."

Given the need to adopt a "faster procedure" and because "it is not possible to comply with the formalities provided for the other hiring procedures," the order of the Angolan President determines that the building company will be contracted through a simplified procedure and not through a public contest.

The same document authorizes the total expenditure of 128,1 million dollars (111,6 million euros) for the construction of that hospital complex. The work involves the completion of the main building, a training center, a parking building with helipad, lodgings and other spaces.

It is also defined that given the value of the investment, the competence to practice the acts provided for in the Law on Public Contracts for the realization of this expenditure is delegated by the President to the State Minister and Head of the President Security House.

In 2019, according to the current General State Budget, the Angolan Government expects to spend 6.6% of all public expenditure of the year in the Health sector, the equivalent to 749.584 million kwanzas (2,100 million euros).