A Chinese worker receives 1 cent per doll, which costs 40 euros.

The Chinese workers who make the toys that are sold around the world live in degrading conditions and work five times the number of overtime hours

"Today, most toys are made in China. They are the source of children's dreams all over the world. However, the process through which these dreams are created is still a nightmare." This is how the report entitled "A Nightmare for Workers" begins. It focuses on four of these factories in China where Disney, Lego or Mattel toys, among those of other companies, are produced.

The report shows that workers receive less than one euro per hour, illegally work 175 extra hours a month, with only one day off per week. This exceeds by five times the legal limit of 36 hours, and goes against Chinese labor law or the code of conduct of the toy industry. At the peak of production, workers take 11-hour shifts.

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