Portuguese military attacked in the Central African Republic.

Portuguese military in the Central African Republic engaged in fighting this Thursday in Bambari, a town located 400 kilometers away from the capital (Bangui).

"The Portuguese paratroopers of the 4th Deployed National Force, on a mission in the Central African Republic in service of the United Nations, were assigned, this afternoon, to a peacekeeping operation, following a violent attack by an armed group in the center of the city of Bambari", said the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (EMGFA) in a statement. The EMGFA text also pointed out that "the military forces are all safe"

These elements, which are part of the UN mission in the country (MINUSCA), "spent five hours in direct combat with elements of armed group ex-Seleka UPC (Union for Peace in the Central African Republic), with the goal of protecting civilians and restoring peace, by placing themselves between the opposition group and the defenseless civilian population", the statement said.

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