Identity of the wife of Portuguese terrorist from Islamic State revealed

Fábio Poças

Fábio Poças

  |  DR

Fábio Poças, one of the six Portuguese who left England to go to Syria to fight for the Islamic State, married three different women

The Sunday Times newspaper revealed the identity of one of the women that Fábio Poças married. Ruzina Khanam was born in London 26 years ago. Daughter of a Bangladeshi couple, she met Fabio when he lived in the English capital. Fábio Poças lived in London with five Portuguese who, according to the British secret services, ended up joining Islamic radicals before traveling to Syria to fight for the Islamic state.

The Portuguese emigrated to England in an attempt to start a career in football. Despite having played in some small clubs, the early dream faded and the boy eventually became radicalized by the hand of Anjem Choudary, an activist sentenced in 2016 for radicalizing young Brits.

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