I found the son of a Portuguese lance-corporal in Bissau

Pedro Lopes and Fernando Hedgar da Silva

Pedro Lopes and Fernando Hedgar da Silva

  |  Leonardo Negrão/Global Imagens

It is thought that there 500 Guineans that descend from a Portuguese father or, in other words, of one of the 200 thousand soldiers who fought there during the Colonial War

Fernando Hedgar da Silva is one of the "tuga sons" and his history even gave name to a book. Fernando Hedgar da Silva is next to the Portuguese combatants plot in the cemetery of Bissau and tries to approach Rui Rio, who participates in a homage ceremony. It's the green book in his hand that catches my eye. I said that I was a journalist and the answer I got was a smile and an explanation: "My name is Fernando Edgar da Silva, with a H on Hedgar. That's what I found in my baptism. But I did not know it, I legally lived with the name Fernandinho da Silva for many years. Catarina Gomes tells my story in the book. I'm the one who thought his Portuguese father was called Furriel."

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