Holiday wants psychiatric hospitalization for pregnant with "propensity" to illegal abortion

Councilman Fernando Holiday

Councilman Fernando Holiday

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A bill proposed by the councilman Fernando Holiday (DEM-SP) allows the psychiatric hospitalization of pregnant women if it is found, during medical care, that the patient is "prone to illegal abortion".

Experts see exaggeration and unconstitutionality in the proposal. The parliamentarian says that recourse to hospitalization would be only in cases of "mental injury or chemical dependence".

The PL 352 /2019, presented at the City Hall of São Paulo at the end of May, also makes it difficult to perform the abortion allowed by law. Currently, abortion can only be performed in cases where there has been sexual violence, the fetus has no brain or if there is a risk to the woman's life. To carry out this procedure, the woman must get a court order, should the bill advance in the Legislature. Then, it will have to wait 15 days.

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