Premium Half of the cases corruption cases originate in municipalities

Joaquim Couto, former mayor of Santo Tirso, was arrested last week, suspected of corruption

The Corruption Prevention Council analyzed in 2018 a total of 604 cases related to this criminality: 48% occurred in municipalities, which represents the highest percentage ever.

Two mayors, of Santo Tirso and Barcelos, arrested at the end of May on suspicion of corruption, were the latest visible face of an apparent increase in this crime in national authorities. The latest report from the Corruption Prevention Board (CPC) states that it received and analyzed at 2018 a total of 604 cases of corruption and related crimes, such as embezzlement, abuse of power or economic participation in business.

Of these cases - judicial decisions to open inquiries, filings, prosecutions and convictions -, 48% (out of a total of 288) are related to municipalities, most of them from city councils (223), followed by parish councils (56) and municipal enterprises (nine) This is the highest percentage ever reached the CPC, culminating four years in which reported cases related to municipalities have been rising: 32.9% in 2015, 35% in 2016 and 44, 6% in 2017.

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