Guinean women on the road to politics and decision-making

Fish market in Guinea-Bissau.

Fish market in Guinea-Bissau.

  |  Leonardo Negrão/Global Imagens

The President of Guinea-Bissau, José Mário Vaz, enacted this Monday, December 3, the law of equality, which aims to increase the participation of Guinean women in politics and in decision-making spheres.

According to a press release from the Guinea-Bissau Presidency, the law requires a minimum representation of 36% of women on the list of elective office, numbers presented in a territory in which women represent 55% of the approximately 1.7 million of inhabitants.

"This law applies to lists submitted by political parties to legislative and municipal elections and aims to observe greater equality of opportunities in decision-making, promoting equality between men and women," an information note, sent to the Presidency press of Guinea-Bissau, states.