Guinea-Bissau's 'big war' is against drug trafficking

Guinea-Bissau's 'big war' is against drug trafficking

Guinea-Bissau's President José Mário Vaz told Lusa today that the country's priority is the "big war" against drug trafficking, just a few hours after a record-breaking seizure of 789 kg of cocaine.

"I often say: take a good look at these hands; these are not the hands of a drug lord, of a murderer, or of a corrupt man. Our big fight is against the drugs epidemic. So it was a great pleasure for me yesterday when I learned that this happened in Guinea-Bissau", he told Lusa after voting for the general elections.

José Mário Vaz also said that the international community should know that Guineans are determined to solve the problem.

And that international partners should "see that Guinea-Bissau is a country of peace and freedom," he added.

Guinea-Bissau's Criminal Police (PJ) made the biggest drug bust in the country's history last Saturday - about 800 kg of cocaine.

"With a high degree of purity," the cocaine seized in the bust weighed 789 kg. According to Guinea-Bissau's police authorities, the previous record was 650 kg, seized in 2007.

The cocaine was found in the false bottom of a truck, in several 30-kilo bags, and the drug ring included individuals from the Maghreb with alleged connections to al-Qaida.