Gay couples excluded from Macao

The Government has received four application for resident permit from same-gender couples. They were rejected. The absence of rights for homosexuals means that many exclude Macao from the list of places they wish to live in.

Nathan Mong is from Macao. Kit Foong is from Malaysia. They got married in Canada and live in Australia, where the union was recognized with the legalization of same-gender marriage at the end of last year. According to the Pew Research Center, it has become the 26th country in the world to legalize same-gender marriage. History has also been made in Hong Kong. The Court of Final Appeal (TUI) of the region ruled against the Government and decided that same-sex couples living in the territory have the same rights of stay as heterosexual couples. Macao remains behind where rights are concerned, including in relation to Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland cities.

Nathan Mong, aged 36, and Kit Foong, aged 50, met in Macao in 2008. Five years later they decided to get married. They had to cross half a world to do it. It was in Canada that they legalized the union. They returned to Macao and, under the law, it was as if nothing had changed since local legislation did not recognize homosexual marriage. "I even considered asking the marriage registry to see what the government would say. If you do not recognize homosexual marriage, does this mean that I am single and that I can remarry in Macao? It's a strange contradiction. More and more countries are authorizing same-gender marriages. Macao will not be able to avoid dealing with such situations for much longer," he warned.

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