Garbage, standing water and ravines invade streets of Luanda's outlying neighborhoods

Vigas da Purificação | November Edition

Vigas da Purificação | November Edition

Two days after the rains that hit Luanda, Jornal de Angola went to the streets and visited some neighborhoods

In the fishing municipality of Cacuaco, rains took to the beach all the filth of the high areas of the village. The large quantities of plastic bottles on the beaches and floating on the sea waters are a real environmental attack. And, it seems to us, from the frenzy of selling fish on the world market, none of the sellers are concerned about all the filth around them.
In a brief contact with a source from the new municipal administration, headed by Auxílio Jacob, Jornal de Angola learned that there is a broad project for the rehabilitation of the entire Cacuaco waterfront, within the framework of the Integrated Municipal Intervention Plan (PIIM).
The aim, the source said, is to requalify the entire coast of Cacuaco, which has extraordinary potential for the development of the tourism industry. "Throughout this process, entrepreneurs, domestic and foreign, are called to submit investment proposals," said the source.

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