From Porto to Mozambique, to bring water, rugby and life, a lot of life...

Joana and Miguel had a dream since they started dating in college: to do a volunteer mission. They have now done so, with four children, in Manjacaze, Mozambique. In the luggage, only the essential, especially the African tale ' The Monkey and the Fish'. To those who think like them, they say: "Go, don't be afraid."

When they talk about Inês, the young girl who is ndota , leader, because she is kind, about Junior, the child who is like their little Joana, who has Down syndrome, about Jenny, Rosa and so many others, their eyes shine and their voice is repressed. These are names with history, that carry life lessons that Joana and Miguel's family learned in a volunteer mission in Manjacaze, province of Gaza, in Mozambique.

To talk about what they lived and experienced there is "a joy" for them, Joana assumes in the conversation with DN, already in Porto, three months after returning to Portugal, but it is mainly for their testimony, so that they can encourage others to do the same trip, because what you bring from there is "very strong", "touches deeply", and obviously "changes".

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