Premium Eighteen years later, 9/11 continues to make victims

Exposure to dust and toxic materials caused thousands of cancers to 9/11 survivors and rescuers

In addition to more than 2600 people killed and 6000 injured, New Yorkers continue to be affected by the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

This year, the tribute to the victims of the 2001 9/11 terrorist attacks will have one more place besides the Pentagon Memorial (Washington), Arlington Cemetery (Virginia), Flight 93 Memorial (Pennsylvania) and 9/11 Memorial and Museum (New York), where the World Trade Center Twin Towers once stood. In honor of all those who "were injured, sick, dying" as well as their families and friends, Memorial Glade was born in May.

The architects who designed the Museum and Memorial, Michael Arad and Peter Walker, conceived this extension, a path lined with six monoliths and reused steel from the wreckage.

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