Eight people buried in an illegal ruby mine in northern Mozambique

The possibility of the eight people who are buried being alive is "remote", said to Lusa the inspector general of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy

Obete Matine said that rescue teams removed a dead body and a survivor from the mine where a collapse caused the burial of at least ten prospectors.

The accident site is part of the perimeter of the Montempuez Rubi Mining (MRM) concession, one of the largest ruby mining companies in the world.

"The miners were illegally extracting ruby when the accident occurred, but the area is part of the Montepuez Rubi Mining concession," added the General Inspector of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy.

Obete Matine pointed out that it is remote the possibility that the miners still buried be found alive, given the time that has passed since the disaster.