Premium Eduardo Beauté was the only father. What is the legal future of his children?

The three adopted children of Eduardo Beauté will go to court after his death. The model Luis Borges may ask to be the legal guardian of the minors, because of the affective relationship he had with the children. Legal issues arise.

Eduardo Beauté's death last weekend brought complexity and uncertainty to the future of the three children that the hairdresser of Lisbon had adopted - a process he did not hide and that was very popular in social magazines. Eduardo was the father of three children ages 9, 7, and 4 and he was the only one with parental responsibilities. The adoptions had been only by Eduardo and the subsequent marriage does not lead to a partner being also a father - as would be the case of Luis Borges, who, despite appearing as the second father of the children, never had this legal status. However, Beauté and Luís Borges separated, creating another complexity in the process.

All this means that there will always be a prosecution process that will be taken to the juvenile court where a judge will decide who will be the guardian of these children. Although legally not a father, Luís Borges can file a request with the Public Prossecutor Office to be declared the guardian of the three children who are currently in his care. According to information gathered by DN, this is the intention of the 31-year model - who lives between Lisbon and other capitals in his modeling work. Even though he is neither a biological or foster father, nor a legal guardian, Luís can argue that he is the affective father of the children and that their stability will be better assured if they are all in his care. The model has already posted a photograph of himself with the three children on the social network Instagram, with the phrase "It's forever."

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