Deputy from the Boa Vista island is arrested for robberies

Deputy from the Boa Vista island is arrested for robberies

A municipal deputy from the island of Boa Vista, in Cape Verde, was detained on suspicion of being involved in various crimes committed on that island

According to the Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress, the arrest of the municipal deputy, who is a trainee lawyer, was ordered, on Friday, by the Public Prosecutor's Office and, according to the Prosecutor's Office of the Comarca de Boa Vista, cited by Inforpress, occurred following actions taken on Friday and with the assistance of the criminal police.

The Cape Verdean newspaper O País is advancing that it is Yanick Santos, connected to the independent group BASTA, that "is detained in the National Police Station in Sal Rei" and "should in the next hours be presented to court for the application of the coercion measures."

A note from the Attorney General's Office in Boa Vista states that "there are facts that are likely to indicate two crimes of robbery (with violence against a person), a crime of qualified firearms theft and a firearm shooting crime."

At stake there might be facts related to "the theft of weapons of war in the National Police Station in Boa Vista and the robbery of a banking institution, that occurred on that island in December 2017". The arrest occurred following searches by the Public Prosecutor's Office.