Cruise terminal for 200.000 tourists in Cape Verde to cost 26 million

Cruise terminal for 200.000 tourists in Cape Verde to cost 26 million

Paulo Novais/Lusa

Cape Verde's S. Vicente cruise terminal will start being built in 2020, with the government investing more than CVE 2.9 billion (EUR 26.2 million) over three years

The terminal is expected to receive 200.000 passengers per year. The figures are included in the state budget bill for 2020. This is one of the most important public works planned by the Government for 2020, with an initial budget of CVE 972 million (EUR 8.8 million).

The Government expects to allocate the works CVE 1.152 billion (EUR 10.4 million) in 2021 and CVE 779 million (EUR 7 million) in 2022 - the year the cruise terminal is expected to be completed.

"The Government wants to make Cape Verde a maritime platform and to implement the 'Special Economic Zone of Maritime Economy' to ensure Cape Verde's competitive inclusion in the regional and international economy," the document reads.

Moreover, "to achieve this goal, a cruise terminal will be built on São Vicente Island, which will have a huge impact on the economies of São Vicente and Santo Antão, as well as an inducing effect on Cape Verde's economy."

São Vicente Island will host one of the stops of the next edition of the Ocean Race, an international sailing competition around the world, as announced in September by the event organizer.

Mindelo Port will host about 60 boats and sailboats during the event's 2021-2022 edition.

About 760,000 tourists visited Cape Verde in 2018; the government's goal is to reach one million tourists in 2021.