China may reach Mars first than the United States

China may reach Mars first than the United States

NASA has taken on US President Donald Trump's challenge to return to the moon by 2024. The objective is depicted as "ambitious and exciting" by the space agency manager Jim Bridenstine, but some also find it impossible to achieve in this time frame.

Says James Burke, the same man who transmitted the Apollo 11 mission's arrival on the moon in 1969. "I would be very surprised if we go back to the moon, say Europe or the US, until it gets much cheaper. NASA wants the money to keep coming but I have the feeling there's little enthusiasm to go back, there "says Burke.

Still, Burke noted that he has different considerations about the Chinese space agency. "We are going to see something from China. I believe they will do something with the moon and will land on Mars. They will be there before the US, "said Burke. "China will have humans on Mars in the next 10 years. NASA will not. "

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